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So what is this thing?

(Aside from awesome)

1. You create an event and we give you a phone number

2. People text in song requests to the number

3. Requests automagically queue up YouTube videos

And best part? If you have a Chromecast it'll play on your TV!

Nice things people are saying

  • You know that after party everyone loved? Yah those are always powered by TxtyJukebox!
    - Ryan, Management Consultant, New York
  • The girls and I love using TxtyJukebox while we get ready. No more sacrificing my phone to play music.
    - Ashley, Social Chair TKO, Miami
  • My favorite place to use TxtyJukebox is on a party bus! Texting in song requests while cruising the city is the best.
    - Jackie, Duckboat Driver, Boston
  • Before a big night out my friends and I love using TxtyJukebox to watch funny YouTube clips. The "Donald Trump" drinking game is a fan favorite!
    - Sheldon, Ph.D Candidate, Los Angeles

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